Here’s why your stocks slide despite Good Results

why your stocks slide despite good results

Does your stocks slide after seeing good results? For a number of reasons, stocks can slide even when they match market expectations. One explanation is that the market has already factored in the positive news, which explains why the reaction has been modest. Additionally, other macroeconomic or geopolitical factors that could have an impact on … Read more

MGUY May Explode Soon | MGUY Stock Forecast 2025, MGUY Stock Prediction

MGUY Stock Forecast 2025

MGUY (Mogul Energy) is a publicly traded holding company. The growth potential is enormous now that it will serve as the public trading vehicle for Flora, a successful refrigerated trucking, logistics, and warehouse provider. Floria is now trading publicly and has a long-term growth plan to uplist. Expect more acquisitions, massive growth and scalability, and … Read more

SoFI Stock Forecast 2025 | SoFI Stock Price Prediction

SOFI Stock Forecast 2025

All indicators are moving in the right direction, and the Sofi chart is about to make a long-awaited positive turn. So we’ll see, if we can get the 50 day moving average the blue line to turn up, and it’s almost there, maybe by the end of this week, that will be the first time … Read more

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